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Camden Highline Planning Permission Granted

The urban park will be one of London’s top attractions

The Camden Highline, which runs from Camden Gardens to Royal College Street, has been given the green light. The new elevated urban park will transform a section of disused railway that will bring a green space to the area. This Camden Highline will be a new destination for visitors to London, similar to New York’s High Line.

The 1.2km Camden Highline will connect Camden with King’s Cross and is expected to be a large green space for the local community to use.

It has been a collaborative effort starting as a crowdfunding campaign, with the public and architects and designers of the New York High Line – James Corner Field Operations, local architects vPPR, community specialists Street Space, and the incredible Camden Highline team.

Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan comments: “The Camden Highline has captured local imaginations. It urges us to broaden the horizons of what’s possible within our cities and is exactly the sort of innovative, environmentally sustainable, and community-driven project which will continue to benefit and inspire generations to come.

“This vision will also bring huge enterprise opportunities to local small business, helping to build a better, greener, and more prosperous London for everyone. I look forward to following the Camden Highline on its journey and to walking in London’s own park in the sky.”

CEO, Simon Pitkeathley of Camden Highline comments: “To go from a Google Earth printout, sellotaped together on our table, to now a real designed thing with planning permission is amazing. I want to say a huge thanks to everyone who has come with us on this exciting journey, particularly the design team, who have done an incredible job, and all the donors who backed us through the riskiest stages of the project. We’re now shovel ready, but need your help to continue the momentum and raise the money to deliver this amazing park in the sky.”

The Camden Highline will transform a 1.2km stretch of disused railway, formerly into a new elevated park and walking path. The current planning submission is for the first section of the project, from Camden Gardens to Royal College Street. Two subsequent sections will run from Royal College Street to Camley Street, and Camley Street to York Way. Camden Highline is the registered charity responsible for the delivery and operation of the Camden Highline Park, along with a broad coalition of stakeholders. Timelines set the first section of the Camden Highline to open in 2025.