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GrassFed: New Restaurant in Camden

Sustainable Irish grassfed beef meals full of flavour.

Paul Foster is dedicated to serving the highest quality grassfed beef. The canal-side restaurant brings deliciously prepared meat and menu options from local producers.

GrassFed Restaurant is a new addition to the food scene in Camden, dedicated to serving the highest quality Irish grassfed beef, which is not only incredibly flavourful but also more sustainable and better for you.

They believe that food should not only taste amazing, but it should also be good for you and the planet. They source all our beef from sustainable farms that prioritise animal welfare and the environment. The menu features a variety of cuts and dishes, from juicy steaks to hearty burgers, all made with the finest locally sourced ingredients and cooked to perfection.

Paul Foster is a highly skilled and accomplished chef, known for his innovative and contemporary approach to cooking. His passion for locally sourced ingredients and sustainability is reflected in his menus, which are designed to showcase the best of the season’s offerings.

Find GrassFed Camden at Arch S12 Water Lane, Hawley Wharf, London, NW1 8JY